The Sinatra One Time Password Service

A Sinatra REST API wrapping the ROTP library, to allow other applications to more easily plug in Time-Based One-Time Passwords (TOTP) for multi-factor authentication.

Generates a QR code for use with Google Authenticator and verifies TOTP codes according to RFC 6238.

For production purposes, please only expose this service over HTTPS, or via local network as the shared secret is passed as a parameter to the service. If the shared secret is compromised, an attacker could easily generate the correct code and bypass this layer of security.


Fork this repository and then run Bundler to pull the required dependencies:

bundle install

To start up:


API Usage

Generate a new base32 secret


Creates a new base32 token for you to store as a secret key.

Get QR Code


Creates a QR code as a PNG containing:

  • The username provided
  • The secret provided (string length must be a multiple of 8)
  • (optionally) The key issuer, usually the system or company name

Verify a code


Verifies that a user-provided code matches the expected value for the shared secret. Returns a text value of “true” or “false”.

Get the current code


Get the current time-based code for a given secret.

Check the service is running


Returns the string “Up and running”, with the current date/time for verification.

Try it out!

1. Set identifiers
2. Generate secret
Generate new secret
3. Scan QR Code
4. Time-based password



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